1. Story of Region and Its People

    The Municipal District of Bighorn Number 8, previously Improvement District No.8, was created in January of 1988.

  2. Exshaw Cemetery

    The Exshaw Cemetery was in use from 1906 to 1925, after which time people were buried in the Canmore cemetery (except for children burials in 1929 and 1935).

  3. Heritage Survey

    Read a survey of local historic sites.

  4. Heritage Inventory

    The Heritage Inventory Report includes a final report, a context paper which provides an overview of the major historical and cultural themes and events associated with the development of the Municipal District of Bighorn and statements of significance for 20 sites.

  5. Heritage Management Plan

    A Heritage Resources Management Plan provides a framework for decision-making to help to retain, maintain and appreciate historic buildings, landscapes and structures in the community.

  6. Bighorn Heritage Books

    The Heritage Resources Committee has purchased books related to the municipality. The books are available for the public to view at the office only.

  7. Oral History Project

    Having people share their stories about the past and talk about the buildings and sites in the Heritage Inventory or in the Heritage Survey will add to a fuller understanding and appreciation of these places.